Motorola Defy – MB525

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My experience with a Motorola Defy

This is an open letter to Motorola and whoever might want to read it.

A few months ago, I was preparing a trip and was looking for a tough new phone. This is a summary of my user experience.

I found a great ad, that really represented what I wanted for a phone:

Motorola Defy

Motorola Defy

The 10th of may, my new Motorola Defy arrived. First things first, I updated the system with the latest firmware made available by Motorola, started to configure the phone for my use and had a first surprise: I HAVE to login to motoblur to use my Motorola Defy – I don’t like this: I think motoblur considerably slows down the phone, and I experience a few bugs with it, namely for long facebook passwords.

So I did my trip (2300km on bycicle).

The Motorola Defy was waterproof as advertised, but I must admit my huge deception towards it’s toughness.

The Motorola Defy withstood a few falls without worries, and one day it just didn’t withstand the shock of a 3 feet wall, leaving the gorilla glass shattered from left to right.
The phone was still “kind-of usable”, but I must admit the screen has been a bit buggy since then.

I tried to get info trough Motorola official forums, and that’s where I found out that I wasn’t the only one with this problem:

Even funnier: since that post about the Motorola Defy was created on January 11th, there has not been a single official Motorola answer: that’s basically why I created this page: to catch their attention.

I’m sad I waited Motorola’s support and didn’t take pictures of the phone when it had a little crack, because this morning, the phone was in my pocket and with a little pressure, the cracks extended on the whole screen, rendering the phone barely usable.

Broken Motorola Defy

Broken Motorola Defy

Now I’m stuck with two options: repair my Motorola Defy for half it’s original price or get another phone.

I hope I did the right thing by creating this page to prevent people from doing the same mistake I did: If you want a tough phone, a Motorola Defy might not be it!

I remember when I once had a problem with a HTC Hero, I called HTC and in the week, I had a new phone, chargefree!
Conclusion: I wonder who of both vendors did the right choice, but I just ordered an HTC EVO 3D without hesitation.

If you too had your defy’s screen broken and would like to share your experience, please mail me a pic pf your Motorola Defy at jupiter126 at gmail d0t com, I will be glad to add it here.

Thanks Phil for this nice illustration of a Broken Motorola Defy:

A Broken Motorola Defy

A Broken Motorola Defy

Thanks Tony for this nice illustration of a Broken Motorola Defy:

Tony's Motorola Defy with Broken Screen

Tony's Motorola Defy with Broken Screen

Thanks to tarinai-da for yet another example of a cracked Motorola Defy screen:

Motorola Defy with cracked glass

Motorola Defy with cracked glass


Thumbs up for peely, thanks a lot for all your researches and updates, looking forward for the next ones! Here’s the picture of his Motorola Defy with damaged screen:


Motorola_Defy_-_ with a broken screen

The screen of this Motorola defy is broken

Thanks to Gasón who sends us the picture of 2012 ‘s first Broken Defy ;)   Let’s bet it’s not the last one!
PS still no news of Motorola :p

Este Motorola defy esta roto

Gasón's Motorola Defy

This morning I got an email of Josh, a sad Kiwi with a broken defy like us all, he wrote: “My motorola defy was just sitting in my pocket… I got a txt pulled it out and this is what I saw…”

Motorola Defy screen broke


At the start of march, Dimitris had the good idea to send me two pictures of his phone: another one bytes the dust…
Motorola defy broken
Broken MB 525

Again, my Motorola Defy showed water and dust proof in those short 3 months, the glass just was weak: waterproof but weak!

I am quite sure this is due to a default in some of the phones, however It is impossible to get heard by Motorola and have a replacement proposition. I am still waiting in hope to change my point of view about their customer relationships.

If you disagree, please consider review a few other Motorola Defy user experiences : links to similar problems on the Motorola Defy:

Motorola renewed it’s forums and killed all links \o/
I found back this one allready:

And found out Motorola’s misleading ads have finally been banned \o/

[update 27/01/2012]

I finally have some news to post!

After these few last months spent with a broken defy in the drawer, I thougth to myself “what the heck, this phone is useless anyway! why not just take the risk of repairing it myself?” (except of ripping-off off the screw and in my hand with the screwdriver, which is what usually happens when I use one).

Beware I’m quite sure this procedure voided any kind of warranty I might have had… Anyway considering how Motorola threated my phone, for me it was like I allready had none left.

So I launch Firefox, hit ebay and ordered myself a brand new digitizer, which arrived this morning:

digitizer repair kit for motorola defy

so I launched Youtube to get a grasp of how it should be done and imitated the video:

And here’s the result:

Motorola defy with digitizer screen repaired

Fixing the Defy cost me 15$, a futile warranty, and 15 minutes while Motorola was asking me 150!

Anyway, now that I’ve screwed my warranty, the good point is that I have no point in keeping the bloated, out of date Motorola Motoblur Froyo (2.2) Firmware!

Please, keep posting pictures of your broken phones, the more we have the more likely they will avoid someone one bad buy!

PS: Due to spam issues I deleted all “out of topic” reply’s and from now on, messages with a wrong captcha will be automaticaly erased without human review.


A few hours later (1.22 am now :s), that’s done, the phone has been rooted, nandroid backuped, and I installed CyanogenMod 7.1 on it (android 2.3.5).

I might give a few explanations soon, first I want to test if everything works well… but first I want to sleep!!!


Update 08/02/2012
The defy is working well so far, while I just learned that “oups they did it again”… Motorola lyed to it’s customers by promising unlocked bootloaders and not delivering them.
Check XDA for more info:

and sign the petition on,

Looking forward!


Update 09/02/2012

Receiving almost 20 spam a day and am tired of it, this is why I apologize for the unconvenience, but from now on comments will be filtered by akismet and the links will be nofollow.


Update 02/03/2012

It works, no more spam \o/

Update 21/07/2012

Long time no see, here are a few updates:

First of all, I went trough another pair of screens (new one should arrive shortly).

Allways fixing the screens with superglue might not have been the best idea – I knew it and I confirm it. The edges of the front cover are now unrecoverable, however I was lucky as I found some new ones on ebay.

I did one mistake on the last replacement, and forgot to remove the inside protective plastic of the digitizer: it reacted with the superglue to form some kind of whitish layer, preventing the screen’s good reading: when you replace your digitizer, make sure you removed the plastic film if any!

While having a new cover is nice, I will try even better and replace the superglue with some other ebay purchase: a digitizer touch screen waterproof adhesive sticker glue for Motorola DEFY MB525. I’m not sure this will be as waterproof as advertised, but i’ll give it a try and post my conclusions (patience)

Some might wonder why I keep this ****** phone: it’s great in the rain, or when my main phone (the HTC EVO 3D I bought almost a year ago) is broken (like now :p)
Why do I keep repairing my phone myself if I know it will break? Just because as this site shows, original motorola glass break as easily as the cheap chinese ones.
The maths are easy: fixing the glass 5 times myself cost me about 60€, getting it fixed 5 times by Motorola would have been over 500€.

Last but not least, I’ve received 3 more examples of trashed motorola defy’s ;)
Let the
Mid may, Magnus sent me a picture of his experience of a motorola defy screen crack
“Just happened today with a almost brand new Motorola Defy mobile, its around 2 weeks old. Telephone was okey, then suddenly the screen was cracked. As you can see on the image, no scratches or dents on the screen. It seems to have cracked from the bottom of the telephone. I got the mobile through vodafone in spain through their point program. Will try to have it all cancelled and exchanged for another mobile.”

motorola defy screen crack

motorola defy screen crack

At the same period, I received Kranti’s feedback “I have bought a Motorola defy plus in India listening about it’s toughness as i was travelling to Italy to get rid of maintenance but after a month the main reason why i bought the phone is all in vain… got broken falling from a 3 feet height. Please find the photo attached.”

Broken Motoloro defyplus

Broken Motoloro defyplus

A few days ago, I received Romain’s message, his fell from 2 meters, on gravels, on the the and broke – This is the first justified case I received in over a year \o/

defy cassé

defy cassé

Today, I received a mail from Paul. His defy suffered water damage, so he needs to buy a defy with a broken screen in order to replace his motherboard. Please contact him at if interested.

Out of the topic, for the record: my HTC EVO 3D has fallen countless times, the only problem encountered is that a certain area of the screen is not responsive anymore. The device is S-OFF, rooted and has a custom rom (According to the TOS, this may void warranty). I called HTC to have it repaired, not only did they took it into warranty for free, but they sent a TNT like company to get it at my place at my convenience and will bring it back the same way. They says it should be back in a few days, so the total ‘broken’ experience will have lasted less than 10 days. Why was it free? because HTC considered that my thinkering the software was NOT the to the problems I was exeperiencing. THAT is customer support, and guess what, I don’t know when, but my next phone will be a HTC again without a doubt.

Update December 1st 2012

Thanks to Oliver for his input:

Just found your page about the Motorola Defy and I have a picture for you :)
I must admit, that i smashed it VERY often against walls or to the ground because the buggy software annoyed me.
Last time the display broke. Since I already had water inside the phone, due to some leaks, I had to dry the display at 70°C for 3h in my oven :)
Now it’s repaired, Cyanogenmod 9 (Android 4.0.4) installed and it runs very stable, only a bit slow.

motorola defy
Update March 1st 2013

Ruan tells us that
“My phone fell not even 5 feet and the screen shattered. I sent it in for repairs ZAR450 and when i got the phone back it didnt even want to switch on. Now the repair centre claims that it had severe internal water damage, and i know it cant have, because it never came close to the amount of water as they suggested.”

motorola defy broken glass

135 Responses to Motorola Defy – MB525

  • Vic Heniss says:

    I purchased 2 Motorola Defy phones. The first one broke in my wife’s purse when she dropped her purse. No help from Motorola or any assistance offered. The second one has poor reception and the screen is so sensitive that it takes off on its own and performs random functions.
    I have used and liked Motorola products in the past and have been satisfied. The “DEFY” is crap. They should take it off the market, refund everyone’s money, and apologize.
    Instead they ignorantly plow on and say ” So sorry for your luck!”
    I am going back to my IPhone.

  • phil says:
  • Benoît says:

    Notez que ce n’est pas le seul problème du Defy. Il a un défaut de conception qui fait que le haut-parleur interne ne fonctionne plus à force de brancher/débrancher un casque. Il semble que la prose jack soit trop proche du HP.

    Je l’ai envoyé dans un centre de réparation agréé Motorola pour le SAV (adresse donnée par Motorola). Le téléphone m’est revenu vendredi avec le HP changé, mais avec de nouveaux problèmes ! Quelques milimètres du bord droits ne sont plus accessibles par le surface tactile, ce qui m’empêche, par exemple, d’appuyer sur les lettres a et q du clavier virtuel… De plus, depuis lundi matin où j’ai utilisé mon téléphone comme baladeur, le téléphone clique tout seul partout, le rendant carrément inutilisable !

  • peely says:

    Ok comments i’ve got, but how do i post pics? Cheers Defayced, good work.
    My service provider have tried to weasle out of the warranty thing by saying they make no claims about the phones “durabilty”. I have more specifically defined the issue with the Dept of Consumer and Employment Protection (DOCEP) and am trying to link the the provider with the claims. My service provider has stated that it’s Motorolas problem. BUT the SP use Gorilla Glass in their ” key features” to promote the phone.
    Some links.,2817,2375657,00.asp#fbid=8jSJanvDSkB

    Like some of you guys, the glass has now splintered so that now i have tiny slivers coming off which presents a prick hazard.
    I have also contacted Corning glass and advised them of the issue and plugged the page. As soon as i have a reply I’ll post that.

  • peely says:

    I have also noted that some of the cracks start at that litlle speaker hole thing at the top of the phone, mine did and it just starred out from there. Perhaps this is a design flaw? Just a thought.

  • Peely says:

    disregard the last question, i work shifts and was half asleep when i logged onto the web site.

  • Peely says:
  • Neil says:

    I have been told by the service provider that the cracks are due to “physical damage” (well DUH).
    I have explained to the womanat the shop that the phone did not suit my intended purpose, she said too bad.
    I engaged the Telecommunications ombudsmen, who contacted the service provider. The service provider contacted me and parroted the same thing, that is , “we did not make the claim that the glass was tough”. I re engaged the ombudsmen and sent him various links etc. The service provider on their website has used in it’s description of the phone and among it’s key features(read, components.) “Gorilla glass”.

    I contacted Motorola and recieved a list of service centres that will look at the phone, my service provider have told me that i could void the warranty if i take it to anyone else but them (the service provider).

    I have contacted Gorilla glass and recieved a couple of phone numbers ( 1-800-734-5870.) also this number ( 866-289-6686.). They say that this is the manufacturers number, unfortunately i cannot get through on those numbers from Western Australia.

    I spoke to the investigator this morning and he believes the issue warrants further investigation and despite the warranty issues with the provider the problem MAY be covered under Consumer Law that is “IS IT SUITED FOR MY INTENDED PURPOSE”.
    He will now get back to the provider and seek a resolution in which i will be informed of the outcome.
    Pursue this people, “MAINTAIN THE RAGE”.
    P.S. due to my really poor organisational skills I am yet to send a pic, I’ll send it tonight.

  • Neil says:

    Neil (formerly “peely”)

  • Neil says:

    Just because the service providers say the phone glass is not covered under warranty, it does not mean you do not have lawful consumer protection. I don’t know what consumer protection laws you have in various countries but pursue that avenue.
    Anyhow we’ll see how i go with an investigator looking into it. Might be good, might be bad for me.

    “maintain the rage”

  • Neil says:

    My service provider (Crazy Johns Australia) called me this morning, a lady from the “resolution team” rang. She began her speal with “Hi Neil blah, blah blah. I need to advise you that your call may be recorded for training purposes”. I replied that i was also obliged tell her that i was recording her for “quality assurance purposes”. She ummed and ahhhed and told me should would not consent to that.
    I told her that i do not consent to being recorded either (let’s rely on our recalls shall we!)
    She went on to say that she would correspond by email instead, I responded by saying she could do whatever she thought best.
    She hung up.
    Anyhow i will post their “resolution” or lack of when i get the email.

    “Maintain the rage”

  • Neil says:

    Benoit says (translated by Goggle translation)

    “Note that this is not the only problem Defy. It has a design flaw that causes the internal speaker does not work to force connecting / disconnecting headphones. It seems that the prose is too close to the jack HP.

    I sent in a Motorola Authorized Service Center for servicing (address given by Motorola). The phone came back Friday with the HP changed, but new problems! Few millimeters from the right are no longer accessible by the touchpad, so I can not, for example, pressing the letters q and a virtual keyboard … In addition, since Monday morning when I used my phone as player, click the phone itself everywhere, making it totally unusable!”

  • Neil (Peely) says:

    The real intense cracking on the top right hand side of the glass is secondary damage to the rest of the original splintering on the rest of the phone.
    I met a girl today who had a defy, she states that she has dropped hers numerous times with no damage.
    So why so much damage to these handsets?

    “Maintain the Rage”

  • Neil (Peely) says:

    Hi Pro Bowl, I’m unsure as to what you mean, could you elaborate?

  • Neil Peel says:

    My service provider emailed me yesterday with an olive branch, I was offered $200 as an “act of good faith” to subsidise the cost of a new handset, still leaves me out of pocket with the difference.
    The service provider is still hanging onto the idea that because they themselves have not made the claim about the phone and it’s features they are not liable, the investigator has told me that some reponsibility is attached to the dealer.
    I have never said they made any claims, the problem is not with what the sevice providers say or advertise, my issue with them is with the products they sell to joe public.
    While i consider their first option at resolving this issue, i will attempt to ring the manufacturers using the number i posted previously.

    The investigator has informed me that i don’t need to take that offer. I am going to continue to pursue this by trying to utilise Australian law and consumer protection strategies.
    There is not much point just whinging to Motorola. Gather your evidence, the stronger your evidence the greater the initial impact your complaint will have. If someone was with you when the phone was damaged get them as a witness to write out Statutory Declaration that supports your claim. Gathering the ammunition takes a while, lodging the complaint takes two minutes.
    I’m going to think about my options further, meanwhile i’m going bush for a while,mobile phones and the internet don’t work where i hang out.

    “Maintain the Rage”

  • Peely says:

    Hi, Thanks kids uggs boots on sale.
    Love to hear more from everyone, results of research, law or anything else.
    We can extend our gratitude to Defayced who made this site possible.

    I returned from my trip to the bush and had recieved an email in my inbox from the investigator who assumed, when i hadn’t spoken to him for a couple of days that i had settled my claim with the service provider. I had told him and the provider that i would be away and needed time to consider the “resolution” put before me. ( When i go out camping there are no phones, no internet. Just me, my darling wife, my son and my German Shepherds.)
    So I sent the following;

    “Hi XXX(investigator).

    You have not heard from me because I have been away and outside any mobile phone range, my apologies. I am attempting to contact Gorilla glass manufacturers myself as I seem to be the only one who sees the gulf that exists between claims made by the manufacturer and the splintering of my phone glass. I have not settled on anything nor will I give crazy johns another cent outside of what I’m obliged to pay for a useless item. I have explained to SXXh CXXXXXXe of Crazy Johns that I want to know why this phone splintered the way it did and her and her company are quite happy to let me do the work. I have been given two numbers that I’m trying to get through to. I have only returned from the bush today so will try in the next day or so.

    If I am unable to see the light of day on this issue going down this path, I will invite other agencies to look into the problem, I am considering legal advice through a lawyer.
    Crazy Johns are too lazy to even want to find out what kind of product they are selling, I’m doing the footwork. (“ I look forward to hearing from you after you return to discuss the complaint further.
    I would be interested in receiving any information you may find about the handset or about Gorilla glass and would be keen to share this information with my colleagues within Crazy John’s” SXXXh CXXXXXXe).

    You said concrete is quite unforgiving, I have not seen anywhere that some surfaces were exempt from their claims, my phone was not dropped on concrete it was dropped on pavers. It still does not seem reasonable to me that my old Samsung Icon has survived being dropped and bashed around in the same environment, dropped on the same types of surfaces for two years.
    Crazy Johns have also failed to give me a payout figure and I have asked twice now, so I can consider paying the account out and getting rid of this phone that fails to live up to it’s claims.
    I will remind you that I have a sworn statement from a another Officer that supports the details of the incident I have reported. If the screen had of simply cracked in a manner consistent with claims made by Corning glass engineers (I believe I sent you the links, if I have not, I will resend them) I would consider it reasonable. But this SPLINTERED into tiny pieces, you can see further examples of this here, I do not vouch to validity of anyone elses issues. (

    I don’t care about their 200 dollar carrot, I make that before lunch every day. I want to know if the claims made by these manufacturers are honest or if there was perhaps a bad batch made and what responsibilities the service provider has in providing products that suit my intended purpose and the purpose of anyone else who may have this problem”.

    This email was passed onto the resolution team at the service providers, I recieved the following a day or two later;

    “Good Afternoon Neil,

    I hope you are well.

    I have recently been contacted by the TIO who have advised that you are not satisfied with the offered resolution to your complaint.

    I would be happy to organise to have the handset sent through Crazy John’s to an authorised Motorola repairer for assessment and possible repair, if you are willing to agree to this. If you are happy to proceed with an assessment, please let me know which Crazy John’s store is most convenient for you and I will contact them directly to ensure the handset is accepted and sent to a repairer.

    In addition, I understand you are also dissatisfied as you have not been advised of the early termination charges you would incur should you choose to terminate your service which is currently with Crazy John’s. As of today your early termination charge would be $530.13. This amount will decrease each day.

    As per my previous email, should you wish to suggest an alternate resolution to my previous offer, I would be happy to consider it.

    Kind Regards,”

    As a result, I will send the phone to their repair centre.
    To summarise my goal; To determine how such “tough” glass can splinter (not crack a bit) the way it has.

    I believe that the LAST person you should contact is the person you have the complaint with. By the time you have contacted them the evidence has been gathered and you are armed with quotes, facts, claims, statements and/or photo’s.
    The information the teenage store manager gave me was laughable and an insult to me but i followed due process in order to play the game, remain cool (difficult for me).
    An Occupational Health and Safety co-ordinator told me once, “This is a marathon, not a sprint”.

    “Maintain the Rage”

  • Peely says:

    My handset was handed over to the service provider yesterday. I got the impression that they may fix it for free, just my impression, I could be wrong.

  • tari says:

    here is something to be happy about :) Even if it’s only in UK. I didn’t specifically googledb for it, it is in CNET’s news..

  • admin says:

    Hello everybody thanks for your posts and sorry for the lag in the follow up, I’ve hectic work at the moment…

    @Peely, that’s awesome news: I hope it’s true and they won’t join an invoice with the phone! That would be a great step towards admission of a default!

    @tari, Thanks for the link, Finally some legal news!!! – I hope they will transpose that in Belgium asap!

    See you soon!

  • Gasón says:

    My defy broke last night… Im really disapointed, here’s a pic:

    Feel free to share

  • Sarah says:

    My partner bought a motorola defy this Monday the 23rd January 2012! It just broke today! Wednesday the 25th January 2012!
    Fell out of his pocket onto the ground and screen shattered! So much for his skiteing about his phone being tougher than my 2 yr old iPhone 3GS. My phone has been dropped into the toilet, smashed onto the cement ground multiple times (almost once a day), fallen out of the car, left on the table and drinks spilt on it and my iPhone still lives without a dent or crack!
    I am so glad I found this website!
    I cannot beleive that he had his “unbreakable” “lifeproof” MOTOROLA DEFY phone for a bit more than 2 days and it shatters with one small fall! We will fight to get a replacement! This has got to be a joke if they don’t admit liability!
    The service provider told him it was shock proof, dust proof water proof, very tough and will not break! He even told him that it can be dropped from up to 1.5 metres and still not break!
    It shattered from less than 2 feet!!!!!
    Let u know how we go. Seeing them on Monday.

  • Jerry Lee Pedersen says:

    I bought the Motorola Defy for my 2 teenage sons in the mistaken believe these phones were tough. Within 2 months, both had cracked screens on them. Both from simple drops onthe ground. SO I had them repaired at a cost of 100$ per phone. One week after being returned, one son had a cracked screen again. He said that it was in his pocket. A female friend of his hit his pocket accidently and amazingly his screen broke.

    These phones do not live up to their hype as being tough.

  • Sabrina says:

    I got my defy after my contract was up, I dropped it a few times but like you, it was okay. Then, one day after a mere roughly 4ft drop, the screen broke. This was under a MONTH after I’d gotten it. Motorola did nothing. A month. Now I have a 3 year contract with my broken phone. Although I can still use it there are still glitches with the screen. They had told me you could flat out stab the screen with a pen and nothing would happen, gorilla glass my ass. Next phone I’m getting will be industrial.

  • Jessica says:

    Only parts of my motorola Defy screen are working. I cannot type D.F.C.R. in my keyboard. My phone was just opened to fix the cracked screen. What should I do? Is this fixable? Help Please

  • Liza says:

    Hi, my defy screen cracked only days after purchasing, not covered under warranty – it dropped from my hand to a concrete path. they say it is shock proof not shatter proof (i think). i too fixed my screen for under $20 from ebay, and it looked ok. BUT i cracked it again..same drop, same place…arrghhh…so now i am about to order another screen..maybe 2 this is easy enough to fix and like u, i thought what the heck if i break it, i get a new phone. The phone itself works ok, but i am finding it now shuts off at odd times..mainly at night and when the camera is going. i wont buy a defy again

    • admin says:

      Tnx for the info. I’m at my 4th or 5th screen now and mine has a weird bug: each time I speak to someone at the phone, the screen goes black. Phone is still on, receive messages, rings, … but screen stays black. The only way to unfreeze is to pull off the battery and reboot the mb525.
      Before accusing the shitty device, I’m waiting for my new glass (getting used to the fix as you say), and I’ll see if the trouble might come from my screen being a cheap chinese one.
      If it’s not, then I’ll reflash CM on the phone, and check if it works better. I’ll post a heads up anyway.

  • Paul says:

    Hello, i try to buy a defy with a broken screen to replace the motherboard of my phone (water damage…)

    You cand mail me at if yours is for sale.

    Thanks !

  • Gary says:

    Had my defy+ fixed under warranty for an intermittent microphone/transmission problem (not sure which). Only part of what I was saying could be heard. Now after a few months it’s happening again. Anyone heard of this problem?

    • Wildes says:

      Im having the same problem, I mean, I was having.
      theres a sticker on the microphone wholes on the phone to prevent water from going inside of it and it seems like theses stickers clog along the time and dont let the microphone capture the ‘full’ sound.
      I removed the stickers, the thing is my phone is not waterproof anymore lol

  • muriel says:

    Bon ben du coup je ne sais plus quoi dire pour défendre la solidite de mon motorala defy
    Le mien a été violemment projeté contre un mur duquel il m est revenu en pleine face belle bosse au front pour moi et rien pour lui il est tombé trois fois dans un lavabo re
    mpli d eau j ai du uniquement changer le kit mains libres dernierement il a fait une chutte de deux etages devant des temoins qui n en revenaient pas et le même jour il a pris un seau de glaçons fondus et il est toujours performent sans comptee les averses de pluie les verres de whisky de champagne ou de dosa le mien resiste pour le moment

  • revver says:

    you are a scoundrel ! Heres why –

    The pattern of cracks in all the pics posted on this page have one thing in common — they converge to a common centre which according to you is the point of impact. It doesn’t require rocket science, you moron, to realize that you have used a pointed chisel to inflict that damage because a normal fall can never, i repeat never, bring that fracture pattern on the reinforced gorilla glass, not from 3 feet :/

    • admin says:

      [quote]The pattern of cracks in all the pics posted on this page have one thing in common — they converge to a common centre which according to you is the point of impact.[/quote]
      1: I never said that was the point of impact (actually mine didn’t even fall on the screen, but on the corner)
      2: Yeah man, that’s what glass does: it shatters. Actually, you can’t imagine how hard it is to cut glass straight (hint: ). I doubt many defy owners went trough this tedious process…

      [quote]It doesn’t require rocket science, you moron,…[/quote]
      A little bit of basic science wouldn’t hurt the simple minded (@revver): the cristaline molecular structure causes it to be britle, which explains why glass breaks this way: it’s like magic, no need for a chisel \o/. For the how it breaks, things are not clear yet, but might give a hint on the how.

      Finally, don’t forget the method used to tamper glass is to add impurities: add the wrong amount and you add weak spots to your glass.

  • freduce says:

    sucks to see all these scattered displays, while this motorola should have a tough screen, which is not easily broken…
    i’d like to point out here, because i’m considering buying an Defy+, i’ve looked up some specs on the motorola website: for the Defy and Defy+, it does NOT state that is has Cornering Gorilla glass! while the Defy mini DOES.
    in reply of REVVER:
    i’m also inclined to think Gorilla glass could never be broken like this, from a drop of 3 ft. but maybe is falls on something hard lying on the ground. or maybe this phone’s display is fit TOO tightly, so there’s always pressure within the screen-structure. so there’s no need of calling names and saying these broken glasses are a hoax.
    leaves me with questions:
    is the Defy+ any better? why is it said that Defy’s have Gorilla glass, while motorola doesnt state this in the phone’s specs online? are these $15 replacement screens also that bad, that they need te be replaced every now and then?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your input!

      While they may not advert in the specs anymore, Motorola officialy said the defy used gorilla cornering glass on BBC

      “While these ads make bold claims, so does Motorola’s VP of marketing, Andrew Morley, who states that the Defy is designed to ‘combat against daily wear and tear, dropping, scratching and other mishaps.’ But when you write to Motorola to complain, their customer services don’t seem quite so confident. One rep said: ‘the phone has been advertised as crack resistant, not crack proof. Therefore a physical damage is not covered under the manufacturer warranty.’”

      Motorola defends itself arguing that

      “Motorola DEFY is a popular phone with over four million units currently being used worldwide. Reported incidents relating to cracked screens represents less that 0.1% of all UK Motorola DEFY users, and we wholeheartedly standby the capabilities of Motorola DEFY as demonstrated in the marketing campaign.”

      Statistics are worthless without context, when is an incident counted as “Reported”? Probably when the phone made it to their offices so they can verify it’s a defect… please Motorola, use solid arguments, not shady statistics.

      “2. How does Motorola plan to improve customer service for those customers whose ‘life-proof’ phones break within a few weeks?

      Firstly we want to apologise to the four customers featured on the programme. We are in contact with them all and are currently resolving each of the cases.”

      Yeah: 4… They must’ve forgotten me somehow :s

  • HERNANDEZ says:

    Dommage, que je n’ai eu connaissance de cette page avant d’acheter d’acheter le defy mini. ( 08/2012)…outre ce que vous évoquez, je n’ai que très peu de problème depuis 1 mois, mais je me rend compte qu’il est impossible de faire un “Screenshot” avec cet appareil…et il est difficile de trouver une application rapidement accessible, qui stocke l’image dans le répertoire “galerie” photo de ce DEFY MINI…
    La question étant posée à MOTOROLA, j’imaginais trouver des interlocuteurs sympathiques, s’intéressant à leur clientèle, et de bon conseil, comme il se doit…..ben non, ils n’en ont rien fiche….en clair, demerdez-vous…!
    Bien cordialement….

    • admin says:

      Merci pour votre participation,
      J’ai également été très déçu par le support de Motorola, quel bonheur depuis que je suis passé chez HTC!

      Pour votre soucis de screenshot, je vous invite à essayer Screenshot UX

      Ce n’est pas certain qu’il fonctionne si vous n’êtes pas root sur votre téléphone, mais sinon en effet cela devient plus compliqué. Si c’est vraiment important, vous pourrez trouver les informations nécessaires sur la partie Motorola Defy GSM du forum XDA
      J’attire cependant votre attention que passer root est un peu compliqué et annule votre garantie
      Cordialement ;)

  • Eric says:

    Suite à un soucis qui ne viens pas de l’écran mais du son je tiens à déconseiller ce téléphone, malgré que cela fasse maintenant + d’1 an que je l’ai et avec ces nombreux ralentissements d’ou j’ai installer un petit programme pour vider la mémoire maintenant je ne peux entendre mes appels qu’en des écouteurs ou en mettant en mode Haut parleur.
    Ceci est dû a un problème de soudure qui est trop proche de la prise jack quand on connecte un kit ML trop souvent. Cool non pour un mobile soi disant hyper résistant. merci motorola !!!!!!

  • Pooja Shetty (India) says:

    I had dropped my phone by mistake and the glass has cracked, when i called the CCare, They told me that all glass breaks.
    I got this phone for its gorilla features , Guess its a lot of disappointment for me .
    Got it from my first salary.. heart broken along with the gorilla glass..
    Any thing I can do to avail the warranty ?


    • admin says:

      Hello Pooja, unfortunately, as far as I could see, Motorola is very unlikely to replace/repair your phone in warranty.
      As you could see for yourself, their conclusion is that it is your fault if the glass broke. Here in Europe, they ask about 150€ to replace the glass…
      I considered that if they considered my warranty was not valid, then I did not risk anythink in voiding in and try to repair it myself.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pooja,
      I’m sorry, you had juste the same experience I did with the defy…
      I ordered a screen from ebay and replaced it… unfortunately it cracked again and again… till now… somehow the latest replacement glass I used fianlly seems to hold.
      The downside being that I have a bug on the light captor, and the Motorola Defy existing in 2 camera models (red or green lens), the Rom I got working doesn’t have working camera.

  • Kat says:

    Glad to find a support group for the frustration of the Motorola defy!! I have to of them here, both with smashed screens for the 2nd time. I bought the new screen that came with a tool kit but now I can’t get the screws out! I think they were stripped when the phones where fixed last time. If I take them into the shop to get the screens put in, it will cost another $50NZ on top of the $40NZ I paid for the screen. Does anyone have any tricks for getting the screws out??

    • admin says:

      Hi Kat,
      I had kind’of the same issue in my mobile when one of the screws broke in it (shouldn’t go to hard on small screws).
      The solution I found was to get a dremel electric drill, drill through the screw and then order some new ones on ebay
      As opening the phone became a constant issue, I also ordered myself quite cheap
      Hope it helped

    • admin says:

      yep, had the same case here, but it’s not 100% perfect.
      I used a dremel drill with a tiny head, and drilled trough the screw.
      I ordered some replacement screws from ebay and replaced them all at once.

      Also be carefull not to screw the too tight and break them that way (that’s why I had to drill).

    • thomas says:

      hi Kat where did u get ur screen fixed im looking for a place to get mine fixed since it cracked and i want to get it done cheaper than a hundred dollars

  • Amit Kumar Singh says:

    I have Defy xt535, its have lots of hanging problems. Everyday I forced to re-insert battery due to hanging. Please guide me how can i solve the abv problem.

    • admin says:

      Hello Amit, unfortunately I don’t know what the issue with your phone is, I would recommend to try to do a software update, if none available, you can try to do a factory reset.
      To do a factory reset, follow this link
      If this doesn’t help, it is probably a hardware issue and you should apply for warranty.

  • S Menon says:

    I bought an MB525 a couple of years back, its screen cracked similarly. That said, it did suffer some decent abuse before it cracked so I was willing to forgive.

    Bought an MB526 (Plus) this February to replace the 525, and this one got water-logged. This is when I discovered the small print – the MB525/526 is “built to IP67 specifications” BUT IT IS NOT IP certified by anyone. In other words, the advertising was misleading all along. I was told by Motorola that “the Defy is water-resistent, not water-proof”. So much for all the hogwash – I paid about $150 for repairs and discovered that water had seeped in through what seems to be the small pinhole for the speaker (?) on the rear cover. At least thats the spot where the water-seepage was apparent in the picture sent to me by Motorola to show where water had seeped into their water-resistent, IP67 “specification” tough phone.

    Never again!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your input, it seems Motorola has done even worse with the defy + than with the defy.
      Thanks god I switched to HTC!!!

  • vici says:

    Bonjour a tous
    cela fait bientot 2 ans que je possède le defy et pour moi qui est dans le bâtiment c’est le TOP niveau solidite :tombé dans la de peinture nettoyé au white spirit ,tous les jours dans ma poche avec mes clés,mon mètre,des clous,des vis…,ou a la poussiere sur le chantier TOUJOURS VIVANT!!!!!!
    et pour les vacances pas de cadeau non plus: Cela fait 2 ans aussi qu il subit mes tous caprices. Videos au fond de la piscine ,du cayoning toute la journee a l eau dans ma combinaison ou dans ma main pour des photos des videos
    alors avec tout cela pour moi mon prochain portable sera un DEFY
    alors merci moto

    • admin says:

      Bonjour, et merci pour votre feedback!

      Vous prouvez que toute la gamme n’est pas d’aussi mauvaise facture que celui que j’ai eu.
      En espérant que le defy plus vous sera aussi fidèle que le précédent! N’hésitez pas à nous tenir au courant!

  • rudraksh says:

    screw you guys i have a defy its been 4 years nothing happened to it even fell from my terrace nothing happened, my dog tried to make a hole in it nothing happened and i have a rottweiler so it is pretty tough and anyone can use a hammer and shatter the glass i mean bro i wasn’t a fan of defy or Motorola but this phone gave an outstanding performance for me please that one can be a defective piece but most of your pics look like they used a hammer. well i have modified the software also and then restored it and also rooted it and then again restored it they still service my phone in every 6 months without me paying

    • admin says:

      Hello Rudraksh,

      I’m really glad to hear that at least some people enjoy their Motorola defy, you prove that the whole serie wasn’t as weak as the one I got.

      The pictures from this site are the pictures people send me from their broken, shattered, fissured, explosed, … Motorola Defy – I solemnly swear I didn’t purposedly harm any phone for the making of this website, and I can’t believe the people that sent me the pictures broke theirs on purpose just for the pleasure of mailing me the picture.

      I’d be happy to share videos defy’s falling on hard surfaces unharmed, unfortunately, no happy user sent any to me yet! Please be my guest!

      By the way, a phone that needs to be services every 6 months sounds quite bad to me ^^

  • Yevgen says:

    Cracked screen is more or less repairable but my Defy+ suffered lot of water suck via speaker grille and electronics near proximity sensor burnt mking LCD backlight and sensor non-working yet screen and digitizer are ok. Smells like mainbord replacement but I’m in the country where device isn’t officialy sold and have no idea what to do now. Waiting for an answer from Motorola, sure if they would condescent.

    • admin says:

      Motorola seems to be reluctant to stand by its screens on warranty, but they might be more collaborative about water tightness, as it is clearly advertised.
      Please tell us how it ends!

  • MotoDefy MB525 says:

    Bonjour, je ne comprend pas comment vous faites pour casser vos écran de vos Defy moi le mien il c’est dèjà pris des vols de plus de 1,50m sur l’écran il ne c’est jamais cassé ! il c’est déjà éclaté sur un mur il na rien eu non plus je ne comprend pas comment vous faites vraiment pour les casser autant vous devez les exploser par terre sur du béton armé !

    • admin says:

      Même pas, simple chute du guidon de mon vélo, à l’arret, et pouf c’était cassé – j’ai rien comrpis, dégouté.

      Bizzarement, toutes les photos que je recois sont des defys cassés, personne ne m’a jamais fait parvenir de vidéos d’un defy qui resiste a une chute (sur du dur).

  • web' says:


    Bon, pour en revenir à ton souci de départ, la vitre du téléphone qui se brise après plusieurs chutes, franchement, je me demande bien comment on peut oser se plaindre dans de telles circonstances !

    Déjà, moi une question me viens : pourquoi, si tu es dans des conditions un peu difficiles, ne pas avoir placé le téléphone dans une coque de protection ( une qui protège tout le téléphone, dont, surtout sa partie la plus fragile : l’écran ) ???

    Alors, oui, il est dit résistant, mais il faut comprendre ce que ça veut dire aussi, par exemple, résistant à l’eau, ça veut dire que s’il est mouillé accidentellement, il va résister, mais ça ne veut pas dire qu’il faut se baigner avec…

    Donc, il faut quand même comprendre que tu as là, un outil technologique, qui malgré tout les efforts du constructeur pour le rendre résistant à certaines ‘attaques’, ça ne veut pas dire qu’il ne faut pas en prendre grand soin ( n’est-ce pas une évidence de faire attention à un objet de ce prix, et qui, malgré les annonces du constructeur, je suis désolé, mais faut quand même pas sortir de saint cyr pour voir que cet engin est fragile ! );

    je crois que ce qu’il t’aurais fallu, c’était ça :

    Mais même celui-ci, et d’autres encore plus costaud, tu trouveras toujours des gens qui arriveront à la casser… et à coté de ça, on trouvera des gens avec des téléphones beaucoup plus fragiles que le Defy, et qui n’auront aucun souci de casse, peut-être parce qu’il font un peu attention…

    Moi aussi mon Defy(+) est déjà tombé plusieurs fois, et par chance, il n’a aucune ‘blessure de guerre’, mais le jour où il tombera et se cassera, c’est pas à Motorola que j’en voudrais, mais à moi, de ne pas avoir fait attention…

    De plus, si tu peux changer la vitre pour 15 balles, et que le phone reparte comme en 40, je vois encore moins de quoi tu te plains… ??

    prochainement, je vais utiliser le Defy+ fixé sur le guidon de mon V.T.T ( sans coque de protection parce que je vais avoir besoin du tactile ) , j’ai hâte de voir s’il va résister aux ballades, vibrations, chocs, etc… mais là encore, s’il ne résiste pas, je ne pourrais m’en vouloir qu’à moi même ;)

    • admin says:

      Salut Web’

      Je commence à la fin de ton message, parce que c’est la que mes problèmes ont commencé.
      Un jour sur une route, mon defy sur mon guidon, je décide de prendre une photo.
      En le sortant de l’attache guidon (à l’arrêt donc), il me glisse des mains et tombe sur la route: écran cassé.

      De toute évidence, les réponses que j’ai sur cette page me prouvent que je ne suis pas le seul à avoir souffert de cette fragilité du defy.
      Sa solidité à l’air d’être une question de chance, aucun soucis avec le HTC qui remplace mon defy depuis quasi 2 ans.

      Pour le defy+ sur le guidon, il ne devrait pas y avoir de soucis, les gsm ne contenant pas de pieces mécaniques, aucun soucis pour les vibrations (le defy a fait 1500 km comme ca avant de glisser – et le HTC a fait 2300 km comme ca) – Fais juste attention quand tu veux prendre une photo!

  • Christine says:

    @ Revver Seriously get a life!@Rudraksh I can assure you these phones did not require a hammer and were not shattered from manipulation to the screen. I had my Defy phone for just 2 months and a drop…I repeat a drop of no more then 3 feet on its side and on linoleum shattered the screen. This phone is quite simply junk!

  • Martin says:

    Have had my Defy Mini for 1 month, brought it because of the ads claiming it was life proof. Had it in my pocket today, leaned over a rough brick wall, trapping the phone, and heard the screen break. The glass has shattered, with the start point around the sound hole at the top, which seems to be a common occurrence. Looks typical of hardened glass that has had a point impact, see it often in vehicle safety glass.
    Very sad, will try to get replacement glass.

  • Morgane says:

    Personnellement j’ai eu un motorola defy qui au bout de quelques mois présentait un faux contact au niveau de la batterie; ceci empêchant son utilisation.
    De plus le portable n’a eu à faire qu’à de petits embruns; malgré les précautions prisent il y a eu des traces d’oxydation dans le téléphone. Étanche..?

    • admin says:

      C’est marrant, vous êtes la deuxième personne qui me signale un problème d’étanchéité.

      Moi j’avais fait 1600km de vélo avec, sous tous les temps, pas eu de soucis d’étanchéité, mais une petite chute et l’écran s’est cassé.

      Il est dommage de constater un niveau de qualité variable sur le produit phare d’une marque renommée comme Motorola.

  • Richard n says:

    Ive had my mb525 defy(red lens), for nearly 3 years now and havent had a single problem, it has never skipped a beat and I am writing this using it. I have rooted the phone as its well out of warranty but am comfortably running droids 4.1 jellybean os. After reading some of the horror stories on here I thought it might be nice to hear a success, I do consider myself to be one of the lucky ones.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the positive report Richard, there’s starting to be quite a few of them now, really starting the whole batch wasn’t rotten ;)
      Which rom do you use by the way? and is it GSM or CDMA?

  • Tox says:

    Lol! my personal comment is that, you people, are some kind of really really big geniuses. xd i accidentaly found this site, read through it and i laughed a lot. xd the scratchproofment doesn’t mean that you can drop the defy out of an airplane, without having any further problems. xd i have my phone nearly one year ago, and i have no problems with it. i dropped it from 3.5 meters, i was using it underwather (dirty and clean water also), and i have no problems with it. now i’m sitting in a caffé, drinking some coke, writting from my perfect defy and i said i’m laughing. i’m planning to use my phone for one more year. it’s not rooted, but it’s still working without any issue. although i was afraid, when i was diving with it, but now i’m totaly proud. my friends were amazed about it’s thoughness, and i’m proud, ‘couse i bought it secondhand, and it’s just fine and perfect… red mark to Motorola!

    Sorry for the bad english, and the spelling misstakes, but i live in serbia, in a small town in the middle of europe. :) and sorry if i injured somebodys soul with my proudness.

    • admin says:

      Hello Tox,

      Thanks for your input ^^ glad to know some people enjoy ther defy!

      Mine is at it’s 5th screen, a bit buggy but usefull as emergency backup phone.

  • Melissa says:

    I’ve had my Defy Plus for 10 months and it has been dropped many times without breaking, but this morning it landed face down on a tiled floor and :-( Will be ordering a new screen on Ebay and replacing it myself for a fraction of the cost that my carrier wants to charge me.

    Please email me an address to send a photo.

  • ilango says:

    i have motorola defy plus

    how to android os upgrade

    • admin says:

      ilango, upgrading a mobile’s rom is a risky thing: you can easily end up with a bricked or half functional phone.

      xda-developers would be a nice place to start, but beware of certain info about your phone, CDMA or GSM? red or green lens? which firmware/kernel?

      I recommend you to get informed and keep on reading until these terms become familiar, this would minimize the risks of damaging your phone.

  • yvan says:

    Bonjour. J ai cassé ma vitre à noël et la garantie était périmé. J ai trouvé un magasin qui repare les portables mais malheureusement pas les Motorola…
    J ai finalement achète sur eBay un kit de remplacement. J ai changé puis remonté mais il subsiste un problème puisque une petite partie en haut à droite du tactile ne fonctionne plus. Si quelqu’un à une solution…

    • admin says:

      Bonjour yvan,
      J’ai déja eu des problèmes similaires en changeant mon écran.
      En général cela vient d’un joint mal placé ou d’un cable mal connecté.
      La solution que j’ai finalement adopté est de commmander un kit avec une face ou l’écran est déja fixé (cfr mise a jour du 21/07/2012).
      Le seul hic est que le haut parleur n’était pas fourni et que j’ai du en commander un à part (chercher “motorola defy speaker” sur ebay, il suffit de le poser dans la coque).

  • Sami says:

    Hey dear,

    I have motoDefy MB525 but i want to ask a simple question as you mentioned that you have upgraded your defy by Cynagen firmware to Android 4.0 or above.

    I also have the same phone and it was locked by some telecom company but now its unlocked..

    My question is that if i will update it using any stable firmware of Cynagen then after that it will be locked or unlocked because i have not the unlock code for my phone…

    your answer will be regard for me :D

  • Sigbjorn says:

    I’ve ha my Motorola Defy+ for a year new. Half a year ago the glass broke when the phone slipped my hands and landed face down on the ground. So then å ordered a new glass an replaced it myself. Two weeks after that it slipped my hands again and landed face down on the floor… So i had to order another glass and change it again! And months ago the glass was shattered again for unknown reasons! I picked it up from my pocket after i’ve been out in the cold for several hours. 3 glasses broken!!!

  • kYo says:

    Je viens de tomber sur cette page, personnellement, jamais eu de problèmes avec l’écran (en même temps, je l’ai rarement fait tombé)
    J’ai un soucis bien plus important et grave, la batterie du téléphone est complètement bombé, si je la charge, je ne sais pas quel serait les risques.
    La suite est plus drôle, pour faire une réclamation (garantie) et un envoi SAV, il faut que je me connecte sur l’espace client de mon opérateur, et pour ça, je dois recevoir mon code confidentiel par SMS x) J’adore ces procédures de m****…

    • admin says:

      tu peux toujours monter ta sim dans un autre GSM le temps de recevoir le sms ou acheter une batterie pas cher pour sauver le tel en attendant le SAV.

  • Sam says:

    je souhaite partager un peu de mon expérience positive du defy.
    En effet, tout fonctionne sauf…
    - la batterie qui se décharge en une heure lorsqu’il y a une carte mémoire.
    - le tél qui bug une fois sur deux quand j’utilise un logiciel.
    - et le must! la désactivation de l’écran lorsque je téléphone. C.a.d que je ne peux pas raccrocher sans retirer la batterie.
    Sinon l’écran nickel! ;)

  • Gisèle says:

    bonjour, je mon écran motorola defy est cassé, mais je viens de commander la vitre, et je m’apprête à le changer toute seule comme une grande.
    Par contre, pour ne pas faire de bêtises, j’ai vu qu’un moment donné il faut carrément coller la vitre.
    Est-ce que le “digitizer touch screen waterproof adhesive sticker glue for Motorola DEFY MB525″ fonctionne, ou il vaut mieux utiliser une glu spéciale ?
    Je pense effectivement que la superglu doit être trop forte.
    Merci de vos réponses.
    sinon, je ne sais pas comment mettre la photo de mon téléphone cassé pour la belle collection ;)

    • admin says:

      Après être passé par plusieurs collages de vitres, maintenant je préfère acheter un kit tout en un: vitre plus face avant + un micro ! (penser a acheter le micro a part.
      c’est bien plus propre et la vitre fonctionne impec du premier coup.

  • Gisèle says:

    Merci de ta réponse.
    Si j’ai bien compris, il faut que j’achète le :
    “digitizer touch screen waterproof adhesive sticker glue for Motorola DEFY MB525″

    et aussi le micro ?
    pourquoi le micro ?

  • Gisèle says:

    Encore moi, j’ai lu un peu plus du blog… (il y a beaucoup d’info =) )
    le micro ce serait le
    “motorola defy speaker” ???


    • admin says:

      Bonjour Gisèle,

      Désolé de répondre si tard… de retour de vacances!
      En effet, le speaker c’est le micro, celui-ci est intégré dans la face, mais souvent pas livré quand on commande la face avec écran.
      Perso, j’ai bousillé le micro d’origine en essayant de le déloger, donc j’en ai acheté un pas cher sur ebay pour mettre dans la nouvelle facade.
      Il ne faut pas vraiment le connecter, juste bien l’insérer dans l’emplacement.

  • Samuel David says:

    I was upgrading the firmware on the Motorola Defy and my battery went flat, currently I can get the motorola logo and it does not go past , do you know how to charge the battery as I plugged the motorola into the charger and it wont charge.

  • franta says:

    my motorola defy-tm mini modell XT320 Handbuchnummer:68016766014 can not be included ekran.Pojavljuje se only Motorola sign and it is.Franta.

  • Nabelle says:


    moi aussi j’ai dû changer mon écran car cassé également, mais maintenant il ne capte plus de réseau. Avez vous eu ce problème ? est ce que j’ai déconnecté un truc en changeant l’écran ?

    • admin says:

      Bonjour Nabelle, à ta place je vérifierais si le connecteur que tu vois vers 3:13 est bien tout a fait connecté.

  • Carl says:

    I shattered the glass of my Defy yesterday. I must admit it didn’t surprise me, since I know that the glass is supposed to be scratch resistant but not necessarily drop resistant. When the phone lands on one of its corners with the glass breaking down, the glass will likely shatter.

    I’ve ordered a (hopefully) original digitizer with bezel, since I hope that warrants better sealing.

    It is a bit of a let down that the glass shattered, but I must admit I dropped it a number of times before. I use the phone as a GPS device on the mountain bike, mounted on the handlebar, so it really, really gets exposed to a lot of vibrations and dust. It has held its own very well so far, so I tend to forgive this incident. I will be buying a silicon case for it though, so as not to defy the gods :)

    Next phone I am getting, I’ll make sure it is even more rugged. Phones get used and do slip out of hands. Motorola should have padded the corners with rubber, I bet that would have eliminated a lot of problems.

    • admin says:

      Hey Carl, thanks for your input, let us know how replacement went!

      I have been looking for a new phone recently, and as you I’m making sure it is event more rugged ;)
      One of my additional requirements is that I need two sims…
      My researches brought one phone to my attention, the “Runbo X5″ (Chinese phone), so I ordered one and will post here if it’s worth it after testing it.
      A week after ordering it, I heard about the “Caterpillar CAT B15″, looks promising too, but would need further testing and I allready ordered the Runbo.

  • Jessie says:

    My defy mini fell out of my hand yesterday. I didn’t expect to see anything wrong with it since I’ve dropped it so many times before and it’s always been fine. I bought it because I wanted a tough phone, but this time it must have landed on its corner and the screen is broken. (I’d upload a picture to this site if I knew how!) I haven’t decided whether to get a replacement screen or another phone because the facebook app really annoys me, activating whenever I access internet.
    I’m disappointed with the screen. It wasn’t a big fall, just the way it landed. I’m sure they could have made it toughter, if they were going to call it ‘life proof’. It did pretty well up to that point, though.

    • admin says:

      Hey Jessie, sorry for your defy mini.
      On my defy, flashing the rom with a cyanogenmod (you can screw your phone warning) got rid of the motorola software and since then it worked much better. Maybe a geek friend coulf help you in that…
      I can’t agree more about the non validity of the “life proof” statement, motorola should have been suited for their miscommunication.

      Let’s see what their next flagship phone will be, I’m interested on the effect the Google Acquisition might have on the next series ^^

      • Jessie says:

        Hi, how do you flash the rom with a cyanogenmod?
        I ordered a new screen and tools and tried to replace it myself. I did it, but it seems I must have been too rough when taking it apart because the touchscreen is totally unresponsive now. Phone still works and all buttons work, just no touchscreen at all.

  • victor says:

    hi,my phone is motorla phone is sim unlock.i have network signal,but i have problem is my phone can not call and recive call.. please help me.

  • Francis says:

    My Motorola Defy XT535 was used in swimming, less than 4 feet depth only and you will see a lot of fog (?) and moist inside after swimming.

    I used it in a wave pool for taking pictures and alas, liquid went inside and corroded the main board. As per Motorola Support unfortunately warranty does not liquid damage :( I’m asking them how much repairs will cost but they said it will cost almost like a brand new XT535.

    Manila, PH

    • admin says:

      I understand your situation… it’s a shame they sell it as such a rugged phone, which is why I recently got and started testing a runbo X5.

      Although I’m not sure the phone will last very long, I am willing to give it a try… I’ve had it for 2 weeks with only a few software crashes.

  • Taiyab Ansari says:


    I am using Motorola MB525 with firmware version 2.2.2. Just wanted to know can the same be upgraded & if yes than please tell me how.

    I tried doing system updates but it just continuously search for updates & nothing happens ahead.

    • admin says:

      I’d recommend you to go on the xda mb525 forum to read more about what can be done.
      be carefull, you can brick (=render unuseable) your mobile if you do it wrong

  • KrisKros says:

    Heuu, péter 5 fois de suite son écran, faut le faire quand même. Je veux bien que le defy ne soit pas forcement le téléphone ultimement résistant, mais c’est sûr qu’en le lançant contre le mur comme l’un des types qui a envoyé une photo, il va finir par casser.
    Je ne doute pas de la sincérité général des gens qui sont déçus, mais il faut quand même un peu prendre soin de ces bestioles.

    • admin says:

      C’est justement pour ca que je pousse une gueulante!!! J’ai eu 3 autres smartphones, et aucun n’a peté comme le defy mb525, pourtant ils ont tous suivi le même traitement, et aucun des autres ne se prétendait solide… htc hero, htc evo3D et htc wildfire.
      Je le dis haut et fort: le defy est fragile.

  • Wehbe Sayyadi says:

    All true, I had similar experience with SEALS TS3 rugged smart phone. After 6 months experience, I can assure you it is not a rugged phone as stated. Even it is very slow compared to other smart phones. So far, there is no real rugged smart phone in the market. Either you buy a smart phone or a rugged phone which is not not smart. Best rugged phone (which is not smart phone), just a regular phone, but really waterproof and solid against drop is Sonim.

    • admin says:

      Hey Wehbe, thanks for the input, good to know the motorola defy is not the only false tough phone :)
      I’ll keep on testing this Runbo X5 i got, and we’ll see if it’s up to what it says.

  • asm225 says:

    I’ve had my defy xt for 7 months with republic wireless and it has proven very tough. I have countless times gotten out of my car and accidentally tossed my phone on the concrete parking lot bc i put it in my lap when im driving. Also, i went swimming for 3 hours last weekend. At half an hour i pulled it out of my pocket and checked the time. By the end of the 3 hours it was damp on the inside, but one night in the rice jar and it’s back in operation. I love my defy xt, and hope y’all have had good experiences with it also. Get a cheap screen protector on eBay, it keeps your screen looking new

  • gugus says:

    moi aussi ca m’ai arriver et je vais acheter un samsung galaxy ace 2 car ma famille est avec samsung et ilo n’y a pas de probleme

  • tripoteau says:

    tombé par hasard sur cette page, je me permets de signaler de mon côté non pas des problèmes de vitre, mais d’étanchéité
    j’ai acheté 2 MB525 en 2011, un pour mon fils et un pour moi
    tous deux avons essuyé des problèmes de déconnexion PIN à maintes reprises
    pour ma part j’en suis à une réparation avec certitude, et je crois bien une seconde
    tous deux avons également des soucis d’ouverture spontanée du capot de batterie
    alors que le mien de téléphone est protégé par une housse silicone, le mettant à l’abri d’une manipulation inopportune de la fermeture du capot
    j’ai aussi pris un MB526 = defy+ en septembre 2012 pour ma fille
    quelques mois plus tard, après avoir couru sous la pluie, panne complète
    attribuée selon l’expertise à de l’humidité
    pas moyen dans le descriptif de retrouver si le MB526 est normé IP67étant donné qu’il s’appelle “defy +” , on peut supposer qu’il est comme le 525 en mieux
    le 525 étant IP67 c’est à dire résistant à l’eau à 1 m de profondeur durant 30 minutes
    l’appareil est estimé non réparable
    en appelant le SAV on me tient des propos dilatoires en chipotant sur le terme “étanchéité” versus “résistance aux éclaboussures”
    dans IP67, le 7 signifie plus que la résistance aux éclaboussures
    bref, on noie le poisson, si j’ose dire
    précédemment, j’avais un samsung B2100, dont le capot était verrouillé par un système se vissant en force, dont plus sûr
    au final, il semble que motorola ne propose pas de geste commercial
    si bien que en ce qui me concerne, ainsi que mes enfants, nous n’achèterons plus motorola
    voilà comment on fidélise ses clients
    mais cela n’a pas l’air des les chagriner

  • Not clear on what you’ve got in mind, Laila. Can you give us some more information?

  • Emily Schissel says:

    The same thing happened to me here in Brazil, the phone fell on the sidewalk and was signed simply:

  • Emily Schissel says:

    the same thing happened to me here in Brazil, the phone fell on the sidewalk and simply looked like this:
    The worst thing is that after that his system simply stopped, and now I’m without phone.

  • Niksa says:

    Guys, I can’t understand what are u doing with your Defy. My Defy is more than two years old, it was hitting the road twice falling from my pocket while I was riding on my vespa. Finally, yesterday my son hit it with toy car and there are few cracks , but phone is still working

  • I have a big problem, but a friend does not abandon his friend when he falls from grace, my motorola defy MB525 has broken the motherboard, and not get the replacement thereof by any national or international product. could you tell me some??? from already thank you very much

  • i from argentina

  • Tornado says:


    Perso j’ai aucun souci avec mon Defy toujours fidèle au poste ! Qui résiste aux chutes, à la pluie, à la poussière.

    Il est très léger et très pratique.

  • Ivan says:

    на моеи мотороле треснуло стекло ,как это произошло?-подбросил и ударил с ноги теперь пытаюсь наити новое защитное стекло пождскажите где можно купить качественную замену на motorola defy+

  • Ilya says:

    Yes! The same with me. I’ve sent my defy+ into a concrete block, but it stayed alive. I threw it again and THE GLASS BROKE! OMG! I’ve sent it to Motorola, but they refused to replace the glass for free! WHAT DO I DO NOW?!

  • leonardo says:


    Adquirí esto modelo hace 2 meses mas menos pero este lunes 04-11-2013 el tono verde es mucho mas intenso en todas las aplicaciones soy de Cia Movistar.


    Leonardo Espinosa

  • Somashekar says:

    I am unable to upgrdade watsup in my Motorola MB525 mobile

  • John Doe says:

    All this bitching and whining, for what? Gorilla glass is just hardened glass, of course it will break when dropped. It’s the same thing with ANY smartphone. I have had a Defy+ for over two years. From day one, it has been inside a Case-Mate tough case. Not a scratch on it. I have dropped it many times deliberately just to show off. And no, you don’t have to use MOTOBLUR.

  • sean cipriano says:

    OMG!.my motorola are very okay,even there have spot a little bit,but the screen are broken..and to all defy cp that you have well better luck next time.

  • sean cipriano says:

    my motorola defy are not broken their screen even break down in 3ft,but their have spot a little bit,but the screen is NOT broken anymore!./ be careful on your phone guys!

  • Stranger says:

    Hi there, have a some question about defy+
    As i know defy+ has 2 microphones, so i unerstand where the main microphone, but where the other one?

  • Wiiliam says:

    Fell on the ground from the height of my pocket and the screen now looks like dry field. Full of cracks.
    Also, the power button has gone tough to press[that was before it fell down and is still there] . Its so hard to press that my friends call it that the Motorola has provided the phone with hardware security and so no other one call unlock it.

  • abdo says:

    jjkjkKJ sus problame le mot de passe andriod markete(

  • Je suis passé au Motorola Moto G en version 8 GO, vraiment génial en rapport qualité / prix

  • david says:

    es resistente no indestructible imbécil. el unico teléfono resistente para una bestia como vos seria uno de acero forjado.

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